Cherished Fortune


How new investors can start using a small-business mindset to maximize their wealth.

An early start in investing can be a huge advantage, but investors must quickly learn to make the most of opportunities. Thinking like a small-business owner can yield great benefits to investors’ portfolios. Running a small business means selling goods you know inside and out to customers you know equally well: what they like, what they buy, what they reject.

Using a similar mindset, novice investors can manage their portfolios by understanding what works, controlling risk, and building knowledge. It’s about knowing the details of what is in their portfolio and how each stock, and the company behind it, operates. Columnist Andrew Allentuck and financial planner Benoit Poliquin give new investors a much-needed introduction to the critical skills that will maximize their investments’ values over their lifetimes.


Andrew Allentuck is a longtime investment author and journalist who knows more about some of the topics he writes about than do some of the investment experts he interviews. Better yet, he has an entertaining, easy-to-read style that makes it a pleasure to absorb the insider knowledge he delivers in Cherished Fortune.

Patrick McKeough, Publisher/Editor, The Successful Investor newsletter

An accessible read for the novice and a concise refresher for the experienced, Andrew and Benoit distill decades of investment theory and practice into practical and actionable advice for those looking to build their own cherished fortunes.

Analyst & Investor – Co-Founder NCE Capita

Andrew Allentuck and Benoit Poliquin’s unconventional approach to investing — to treat your portfolio as you would a small business — aims to make a complicated topic more welcoming for the average investor. The simplicity in their recommended tactic — to invest in what you know — is sure to resonate with those who are new to investing or find it intimidating. In addition, their strategy for managing risk will help more experienced investors adopt a buy-and-hold strategy and diversify their assets while avoiding the high-flying stocks of the day that are likely to fail.

Pablo Fuchs, managing editor, Investment Executive

If I were to suggest one book that any new investor should read before entering the market, it would be Cherished Fortune. Practical, smart, and highly readable, authors Allentuck and Poliquin convincingly illustrate how knowledge and common sense are paramount to building (and cherishing) your fortune.

Peter Muggeridge, Senior Editor, Zoomer Magazine

Cherished Fortune is a great approach for the long term accumulation of wealth. I have used this common-sense financial planning process successfully to my clients for the past 30 years. A highly recommended read.

Don Forbes, registered financial planner, Forbes Wealth Management Ltd.

Cherished Fortune is an extremely well-written and detailed look into the complicated world of finance, seen from the lens of two industry veterans. It offers the lesson that investors don't need to be overly fancy to achieve their goals. Allentuck and Poliquin give the reader historical references to certain milestones in achievements and failures – an excellent portrayal of humanity at both its best and worst. Having worked in the financial industry for about a quarter-century, I am glad to see such a comprehensive book that is accurate, factual and a great read.

Edward Jong, vice-president, T.I.P. Wealth Manager Inc.

Andrew and Benoit take us on an amazing journey of financial knowledge – their ability to cover so much in one book is a testament to their inherent understanding on how to make your money grow. I've never seen a book beautifully cover all asset classes through a lens of simplicity versus one of complexity quite like Cherished Fortune. I can say with certainty that I can share Cherished Fortune with my family, friends and clients knowing that they will be empowered and gain a sense of confidence that they too can make their wealth grow.

— Pascal St-Jean — Coach, Advisor, Investor & TEC Canada Chair

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