Solomon’s Ring


In the second book of the Daughters of Light series, the demon-hunted Seers are in a race against time to return a stolen ring.

Twin sisters Jade and Jasmine are finally together after a five-year separation, but there’s no time to enjoy the reunion. As Seers, the sisters are being hunted by demons spilling through the rift, and the city is on high alert against terrorist threats. The Protectors at Beaconsfield have gathered as many Seers as possible, as the countries that haven’t been destroyed by climate change are starting to close their borders. On top of it all, Jasmine discovers that someone has stolen a ring with the power to control the demons, and the Final Battle between the Daughters of Light and the forces of darkness is approaching more quickly than anyone predicted.


Solomon’s Ring and the series’ first title, Finding Jade, would be enjoyable reads for fans of dystopic urban fantasy.

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Payne is a persuasive proponent of girl power.

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Ramps up the action and fleshes out the real-world elements only hinted at in Finding Jade.

Literary Treats

With what is happening right now in the political arena … this could not be timelier.

Lost in the Rain (blog)

Climate change, climate change, climate change. If you think this isn’t relevant, THINK AGAIN. It’s amazing the imagery and descriptions Mary Jennifer Payne puts in this book, it’s all so vivid.

ReadingMaria (blog)

Left me wanting more so I’m eagerly anticipating Book 3 to see how things unfold!

Between the Spine (blog)

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