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Candace Starr goes searching for her mother in the Detroit mob — but infiltrating her own crime family may be her deadliest assignment ever.

Candace Starr has fallen on hard times since she helped her friend, Detective Malone, with a murder case last year. These days, she trades on her dark celebrity as a former contract killer to keep the wolf from the door and her glass of Scotch whisky full. But when her teenage half-sister, Janet, shows up, Candace finds herself responsible for more than her nightly bar bill.

Candace and Janet’s mercurial mother has gone missing while visiting her estranged family of Detroit mobsters, and Candace needs to track her down to take the kid off her hands. But the vicious Scarpello clan is hiding far more than her mother’s whereabouts.

Witty, gritty, and full of cocky hard-edged flair, the second book in the Candace Starr series unearths the well-buried secrets of Candace’s mob family tree, laying bare the roots of her own identity along the way.


Tough-talking, hard-drinking Candace Starr’s appealingly amoral worldview coupled with her vast range of eccentric acquaintances and family is sure to provide more murderous fun as the series develops.

Publishers Weekly, for The Starr Sting Scale

O’Cinneide gets this quirky series off to a fine start, and Candace is just the kind of oddly charismatic character to keep it going in high style.

Booklist, for The Starr Sting Scale

Hard-boiled humour meets high-octane action in this superb crime noir novel set in the underbelly of Detroit. C.S. O'Cinneide's razor-sharp wit and taut writing bring to life the incomparable Candace Starr in this second installment in the Candace Starr series. Prepare to be swept up in a twisted tale of sisterhood, mob hijinks, and unexpected love that will leave you pining for more!

Erin Ruddy, author of Tell Me My Name

Candace's wryly amusing take on events is perfectly balanced with scenes of chilling action. Fans of Lawrence Block's burglar Bernie Rhodenbarr will have fun.

Publishers Weekly

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