Did you know... Dundurn Author Edition!

Did you know... Dundurn Author Edition!

Posted on November 10 by Kyle
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We got together with a few of our authors for our Dundurn Harvest Breakfast. It's amazing what fun trivia you can find out over breakfast. 

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After moving to London, England to escape the Canadian winter, Bill Freeman (The New Urban Agenda) honed his skills as a diswasher. 
He also learned to use "one of those massive coffee machines".

Ron Brown (Rails Across the Atlantic) is cousins 14 times removed from Prince William.
"Which puts me in line to the Throne... but I will have to kill a lot of people first." 

Scott Gardiner (Fire in the Firefly) is novice beekeeper.

Ted Barris' (The Great Escape, Fire Canoe) first ever appearance on television came when he was a child.
"I was seen on a CBC TV show playing with a new building-blocks toy called "Mini-bricks" (precursor to Lego) and then interviewed about the experience. Got paid $24 for the appearance."

Evan Munday's early days as an artist.
"The first full comic book I drew when I was 12 was called Captain Platypi and the Reality Splicers."

Mark Cullen (The New Canadian Garden) dreams of history. 
"My second greatest interest is Canadian history. I never studied it formally but consider going back to school to do so.. maybe when I stop writing gardening books. New Canadian Garden is my 21st."

Jeffrey Round's (The Dan Sharp Mysteries) contribution to music. 
"I once met singer Petula Clark and suggested it was time for a revival of her music, beginning with a dance remix of her biggest hit, "Downtown." She laughed and said that would never happen as she hated remixes. Two years later, it was a monster hit on dance floors around the world. I'm still waiting for the royalties."

What could have been for Michael Januska (Border City Blues). 
"When I was a kid I had a Lego collection that was unrivalled in the neighbourhood. Nothing fancy like today, just mountains of basic building blocks, gears, and a motor. I gave up a career in architecture and engineering for this. I just couldn't do the math."