#InsideDundurn with Kate

#InsideDundurn with Kate

Posted on March 18 by Kyle
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Meet Kate, she’s the Marketer here at Dundurn. She’s basically the woman who makes sure marketing’s ideas become a reality. “I work with the marketing team to develop marketing plans and make sure they are executed as expected.”

Definitely the person you want on your side when it comes to planning ahead.

She’s also responsible for organizing and preparing for the many events Dundurn attends every year. And, of course, advertising.

If it seems like managing all of these can be a little like trying to wrangle an octopus at times… it is. But that’s the fun part.

“There are just so many different campaigns that are organized into promoting one book,” she explains, “The consumer campaign is different from the wholesaler and that’s different from the social media. It’s all very exciting.”

While she may work for a publisher well-known for history, it was children’s books that Kate studied in grad school and children’s books that hold a special place in her heart (and on her shelf, we imagine).

“I love children’s lit!” Kate says, her eyes lighting up.

So what’s her favourite kid’s book, then?

“Winnie the Pooh, definitely. The original Winnie the Pooh stories are classic and so intelligent. To me, they are the perfect children’s stories”.

Can’t argue with Kate, she knows what she’s talking about.