New Year, New Voices: Never Forget

New Year, New Voices: Never Forget

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Hello Canada,


I couldn’t be more thrilled to introduce myself and my series of novels featuring Victor Lessard, a detective sergeant at the Major Crimes Unit of the Montreal police. With Never Forget, the first release, you will follow Victor and his partner Jacinthe Taillon as they track down a ruthless killer. As you will see, it is a dark, twisted, action-packed, emotionally dense, heart-pounding thriller…

Never Forget is my debut novel in English, but I have published eight others in French since I started writing full-time (OK, I was a business lawyer in a previous life, enough said). As a result, I have had the good fortune to build a solid and deep readership across Quebec and Europe and win many literary prizes, including the Arthur-Ellis for Best Crime Novel in French.

Aside from writing the Lessard books, I also had the privilege of adapting three for TV. Victor Lessard has established itself as an audience favourite: the first two seasons have garnered more than 6 million views on Club Illico (a Quebec SVOD service) and Season 3 was recently released. In addition, the series won “Best Francophone Program” at the Banff World Media Festival. As the distribution rights were acquired by ZDF Enterprise, this should result in even more viewers worldwide.

There are now five novels in the Lessard series. Never Forget is the third and it makes perfect sense to me to start with this one. In the first two, Victor is estranged from Jacinthe, due to a “major clusterfuck” which he’s responsible for...or so she believes. Because of their love-hate tight-knit bond, I wanted to offer you first a glimpse of these special birds operating as partners before bringing you back to previous novels where they are antagonists. I know—it’s twisted to offer a gift and take it back afterwards. But hey, I’m twisted. I’m a crime writer…

I’ve always believed that if you want your work to be recognized on a global scale one day, it has to start local. The stories I tell are rooted in the environment and culture I belong to, but universal in the stakes, values, and emotions they explore. I am hopeful you will enjoy and relate…

In any event, I welcome the opportunities this new milestone will bring, including, first and foremost, the privilege to meet new readers and make new friends, as well as to share experiences. This bond with readers is a privilege I cherish. And in Dundurn, I saw a dynamic and dedicated publishing team sharing the same values and eager to facilitate our collaboration. Did I say I am eager to meet and/or hear from you?

Oh, and by the way, the only thing you really need to know about me personally is that I’m the worst pool player in the universe. By a wide margin…

I thank you for your trust and your reading time.


Love and gratitude,




Martin Michaud

Posted by Kendra on January 2, 2019
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Martin Michaud

Martin Michaud is a bestselling author, screenwriter, musician, and former lawyer. His critically acclaimed Victor Lessard series has won numerous awards, including the Arthur Ellis Award and the Prix Saint-Pacôme for Crime Fiction, and is the basis for the award-winning French-language TV series Victor Lessard. He lives in Montreal.