A Note From Our Publisher on Dundurn's Winter 2021 List

A Note From Our Publisher on Dundurn's Winter 2021 List

Posted on October 20 by Dundurn Press Limited in News
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I’m very proud to present Dundurn’s Winter 2021 list. You can check out our catalogue of forthcoming titles on Catalist and Bookmanager or reach out to sales [at] dundurn [nospam] com for a PDF catalogue.

Dundurn’s Winter list includes a mix of non-fiction, from personal guides to history to thought-provoking politics, some terrific local interest stories, and a fine assortment of memoir and fiction. Looking back on the past year, it’s almost a miracle that we got this season organized on time, what with the chaos of the pandemic and all the rescheduling and adjustments we have had to make on the fly. My compliments and congratulations go out to the authors and the staff who made this possible.

I’m also keenly and personally aware that this list isn’t racially diverse. Saying that takes nothing away from the achievements of each and every individual author on this list. We are proud of each of these books, but as one of the few racialized publishers in Canada, I know that the spotlight is on me and that I’m expected to do better in terms of publishing diverse voices. When I took over Dundurn in 2019, I knew it was going to take time to increase our diversity both in terms of staff and literary output, and we’ve made incredible progress in both areas since.

To all of our readers, authors, friends, and staff, I’m happy to say that this will be the last time Dundurn puts out a list that is so … monochromatic, so to speak. I want the press to reflect the diversity of our staff and the communities in which we work. I even considered speeding up the publication schedule for some of our exciting new works by authors of colour, but I decided that doing so would not serve those important stories, which deserve our full attention; rather, it would be a selfish move aimed at covering my inability to implement change quickly enough.

To the librarians, retailers, and readers who are expecting and rightly demanding more diversity from Canadian publishers, I say, “watch this space.” We’ve got some books coming that are going to knock your socks off.

Thank you all for your interest in the books we love bringing to you!


S.A. Fraser
Publisher, Dundurn Press