Interview with Sam Wiebe, Author of Last of the Independents

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Interview with Sam Wiebe, Author of Last of the Independents

Posted on September 2 by Sam Wiebe
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Sam Wiebe lets us interview him today about his brand new release Last of the Independents. Booklist gave it a starred review and called it ". . . a literary achievement." Sam tells us more.


Tell us about your book.

Sam: Last of the Independents is a crime novel set in Vancouver. It’s about a twentysomething private detective named Michael Drayton who’s charged with finding the son of a junk dealer, a guy who trades in secondhand goods. He can’t afford to pay, but Mike feels a kinship with him, and persists with the case. The decisions he makes put his life, livelihood, and soul at hazard, and the truth he uncovers changes everything.

How did you come up with the title?

Sam: If you’re a fan of seventies crime films, you’ll know where it comes from. If not, a marathon of Gene Hackman and Walter Matthau movies is in order. I’ll bring the whisky.

How did you research your book?

Sam: I’ll tell you how I research: I get off my butt. I get out into the world. I interact. I breathe in the city, seek out its secrets, its dark and hidden places. I talk to people. I listen to the voices of the voiceless. I engage.

 Then I come home, boot up my Mac and use Google.

In your own work, which character are you most attached to and why?

Sam: I share a few traits with Michael Drayton, positive and negative, but I’m more partial to his don’t-call-her-a-secretary, Katherine Hough. She’s the voice of reason and the moral center of the book. They have a push-and-pull relationship: he pushes, and she calls him on his shit. If he loses her, he’s damned, and subconsciously he knows it. Yet he continues to push…

What's the best advice you've ever received as a writer?

Sam: “You’ve got to start on insufficient knowledge.” Something Robert Frost said in an interview.


Sam Wiebe

Posted by Kendra on October 30, 2014
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Sam Wiebe

Sam Wiebe's Last of the Independents won an Arthur Ellis Award for Best Unpublished First Novel. His prize-winning crime fiction has been published internationally. Recent projects include audio adaptations of Hamlet and Frankenstein, an independent film script, and a follow-up novel. He lives in Vancouver.