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If you enjoy travel, reading about it, or watching it on TV, you’ve probably asked yourself: Who are these people who get paid to see the world?   How on earth did they land that kind of job?  I’d always wondered myself, and then one day, found myself as a travel writer and international television host.   How?    Well, it was kind of an accident.

Wow, it’s Hallo-week already, and tomorrow the streets will be filled with ghosts and goblins galore. There’s nothing spooky about our media highlights though, so take a break from carving pumpkins and practicing your zombie walk to hear about what our authors have been up to this week!

Chances are high that you heard, saw, or read about a Dundurn author this week—they were everywhere! So let’s jump right into our weekly highlights, starting with the exciting news that Is This Your First War? Travels Through the Post-9/11 Islamic World won the Ottawa Book Award for Non-Fiction on Tuesday.

After a little over a month as Dundurn's intern, I am realizing that there is never going to be a week where our authors and staff aren't busy, so I will refrain from saying it's been another busy week here from now on. Take it as a given! With that said, our weekly media highlights are gathered together once more, so take a moment and catch up on what we've been (very) busy with.